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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Some children's work from Bowerham School

Noah Ramsbottom and Coolplod stepped through number 15 into a maze world. On the way to reach the goal at the end of the maze, the maze turns to trick you, doors shut and open (clattering). Coolplod thinks he’s so cool but he's scared of the maze and so is Noah. On their way to goal there were big gold coins! By Charlie D.

Noah Ramsbottom and Thunderplod opened a door to Zombie world, number 9000 .Noah and Thunderplod had to kill 100’1000 Zombies to get a coin.They did. [Only just.]Then they had to go through a massive Zombie traffic jam! [It was big!]Do you know why there was a massive traffic jam? Well I do.Because there was a fight for a key! Then Noah and Thunderplod joined in and got the key and opened rusty, old, crooked chest and had to kill a dragon! [Fire]There was blood, flames and spikes all over the place. Then he killed it and went home and lived happily ever after. By Ehsan    

Thanks Charlie D and Ehsan! 

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