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Friday, 28 November 2014

WW1 BBC Radio York interview.

Elly Fiorentini was kind enough to interview me on her BBC Radio York show yesterday afternoon. You can hear the interview for seven days by clicking on the following link;


Monday, 24 November 2014

Horsforth St Margaret's Primary School

Into the patch - war time poem by Thomas Crawford.

I recently spent two fantastic days working with Key Stage Two at the brilliant St Margaret's Primary School in Horsforth near Leeds. Year 5 pupil Thomas has sent me his poem which I think is utterly amazing, I hope you agree.  


Into the patch,

Into the field,

Where Poppies lay,

Where People kneel,

For underneath,

The deep dark grave,

There is a person,

Whom once gave...

Their life with fear,

So we could live,

These People don't take,

They only give.

So every year,

We remember these Knights,

Please look after them,

Dear Jesus Christ.


By Thomas Crawford - Year 5

St Margaret's Primary School, Horsforth

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What children think about my author visits!

The following are just a few snippets from the fantastic letters that Year 5 Watersheddings Primary School kindly wrote to me following an author visit to their school.

(Apologies if I've got any names wrong!)


Dear Robert.

I am writing this letter to inform you of what a great time we had with you. I loved it. All of Year 5 finished their stories. The day you came I will never forget it.


I enjoyed your visit and I want to be an author. It’s hard to be an author because we need to check our mistakes and re read our work.


When I found out you were an author I was amazed and nervous and I never wanted it to end.


I had a brilliant time. I would even put it in a top tens best days book.


It’s not every day a real author like you visits us. You are fantastic. I wish you can come again I loved it.


Thank you for coming to our school. I liked it when you taught us to write a good book. We don’t normally get that in our school.


Even though I don’t really like writing I would really love for you to come back again someday. Sometimes I just imagine how hard and tiring your job must be to be an author.


I liked it when you said we were going to write a story. We thought you were a great author. Year 5 enjoyed your visit so please come again.


When I got home I told my mum all about you and your books. You inspired me a lot with your story writing. You’re the best visitor school has ever had.


I would love to illustrate your books. You should see my drawings. The three headed dog is vicious and vile.


Thank you for coming to our school. You have made me more inspired to be an author.


Thank you for teaching us how to be an author because it’s not every day that we have an amazing author like you visiting us.


When I went home I wanted to read Jacob’s War because it sounds exciting.


I am really glad that you came and also for showing us your books especially Jacob’s War.


We had a really good day. I enjoyed writing my story, it was fun and amazing.


Because you came to our school we all know what to do when we write a story. You have given everyone ideas about what to write. Also you have inspired some people. We would like you to teach us some more.


I think you don’t have to achieve anything else because your stories are interesting. I like Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo and your books.


When I first saw you I didn’t know that you wrote books. When you mentioned it I knew you were an author.


I enjoyed it when you showed us your stories and you have inspired me to write more stories.


I am writing to thank you for giving up your time to visit us because we know you are a busy man. I looked you up on the internet and I saw some facts about you. It was interesting to read them.


It was lovely to work with you. I felt really happy and thank you for coming.

S Clegg

I want to say thank you for coming. You inspired me with how you write your books and how you meet people and put them in your books.


We had an amazing time. We improved our stories. Also I went on our blog and wrote about your visit.


Your books were really good. The ones that you read to us were really fun. You have made me want to read more books. You are the best author.


I felt that I achieved writing a real story. I would be most grateful if you could come back again.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

World Record!

It's a new world record! I was pleased to be one of the 293 interviews that Gilly did today as part of the Gillathon for Children in Need on BBC Radio Lancashire. And I got the certificate to prove it!

 Well done Gilly!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Interview on Lakeland Radio!

A date for your diary! Hear my interview on Lakeland Radio with the brilliant John Pye on Saturday 15th November between 10 and 11! I even get to choose my favourite Depeche Mode track!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wearing my poppies with pride!

Here I am wearing my poppies with pride today in Luddenden Primary School!

Everybody knows what the red one stands for but the purple poppy is to commemorate the animals that have died in wars and is a campaign run by a charity close to my heart,  Animalaid

Please support Animalaid.