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Monday, 10 August 2015

Some exciting books coming up!

Loads of people have been in touch asking about what new books I'm currently working on. So here's what's coming up next! 

An adventure for Middle Grade (KS2) about the Romans! I've already tested a brilliant roman workshop out on a number of schools and they were awesome! 

Inspired by Louise Millar's brilliant biography about Flora Sandes, the only woman to enrol and fight as a soldier in World War One, I've just completed a book about women in WW1 for my Young Adult (KS3) readers. I will be taking a number of WW1 workshops around Remembrance Week in the Autumn.

After speaking with the Great, Great Granddaughter of a very famous ships captain, I have just finished the first draft of an adventure connected with the most famous ship of all time! This is for Middle Grade (KS2). 

I am currently researching a novel about the occupation of Greece in WW2, this book will feature a teenage girl as the main character. It's an untold story that just needs writing! 

Watch this space!



Have a great summer!