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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tremendous Key Stage One Titanic workshops in West Cheshire!

Thank you to the inspirational Miss Hope for inviting me to Westminster Community Primary School in Ellesmere Port to take Titanic workshops with Year 1 and 2 children! I had a fantastic day and the work was amazing! 

Thanks to Mya for making this awesome model of Titanic!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Remembrance Workshops in West Cheshire.

Yesterday Year 5 and 6 pupils at Helsby Hillside Primary School commemorated Remembrance Day with some inspired drama workshops encompassing the First World War and World War Two.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Brilliant Poet Conrad Burdekin

So pleased to share this brilliantly hilarious poem by Yorkshire based poet Conrad Burdekin from his latest book.


Supersonic Gran


My gran has got a problem

She only eats three things

Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts,

And baked beans from a tin


My gran is rocket-powered

Her bottom sure is chronic

She flies so fast it’s made the news

My gran is Super – Sonic!


She has a bowl of sprouts for lunch

Followed by some beans

Cauliflower spread on toast

You know what all that means!


By half past two her tummy’s moaning

After three my gran is groaning

Four o’clock she cannot walk

And then her bum begins to talk


My gran is rocket-powered

Her bottom sure is chronic

She flies so fast it’s made the news

My gran is Super – Sonic!


Blasting through our kitchen wall

She really is a sight

Whizzing, zooming, bottom-booming

In the dead of night




But best of all on Christmas day

Gran ate a thousand sprouts

She clutched her rear, said: “Sorry, dear!”

And let a huge one out!


Loud enough to shake the house

It smashed mum’s favourite vase

As through the roof my grandma shot

And landed up on Mars!


My gran is rocket-powered

Her bottom sure is chronic

She flies so fast it’s made the news

My gran is Super – Sonic!


P.S. Grandma, if you’re reading this

We’re feeling rather glum

We miss you such a lot, you know,

We even miss your bum!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

World War One workshops in Cumbria!

Although it was foggy and cold in beautiful Cumbria the World War One workshops with Years 1, 3 & 4 at Richmond Hill Primary School were excellent!,bullock

 Brilliant writers and amazing imaginations! Thanks for inviting me Jenna!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Victoria Cave!

As a child Victoria Cave really sparked my imagination. Years later it was the inspiration for my Noah Ramsbottom stories

Now the secrets of Victoria Cave are now digitised for everyone to see! 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Wonderful weather and workshops in Warley Town!

What a brilliant way to start my autumn tour of schools with wonderful weather and roman themed workshops at Warley Town School! Thanks for inviting me Beth! Your Year 4/5 children were awesome! 

Thursday, 17 September 2015





Monday, 10 August 2015

Some exciting books coming up!

Loads of people have been in touch asking about what new books I'm currently working on. So here's what's coming up next! 

An adventure for Middle Grade (KS2) about the Romans! I've already tested a brilliant roman workshop out on a number of schools and they were awesome! 

Inspired by Louise Millar's brilliant biography about Flora Sandes, the only woman to enrol and fight as a soldier in World War One, I've just completed a book about women in WW1 for my Young Adult (KS3) readers. I will be taking a number of WW1 workshops around Remembrance Week in the Autumn.

After speaking with the Great, Great Granddaughter of a very famous ships captain, I have just finished the first draft of an adventure connected with the most famous ship of all time! This is for Middle Grade (KS2). 

I am currently researching a novel about the occupation of Greece in WW2, this book will feature a teenage girl as the main character. It's an untold story that just needs writing! 

Watch this space!



Have a great summer!       



Monday, 6 July 2015

Dramatic Drama Workshops with Key Stage One and Two!

My first ever drama workshops with Key Stage One and Key Stage Two at Nether Kellet Primary! Unbelievably Amazing!

Hear them here!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tom T-Rex visits London schools!

Tom T-Rex and I had a tremendous time visiting infant schools in London last week. Thank you Mrs Jordan and Mrs Smith for asking us! Roar!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Terrific Teacher feedback!

Hi Robert,

Thank you again for your visit to Windsor on Monday and Tuesday!

The children really enjoyed the workshops and listening to your stories.

Some of the children have requested to take your books home to read and the children in Year 5 have asked their teacher if you can be their Class Author next half-term!

Best wishes,

Miss Wynn

Windsor CP School

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wonderful Windsor Community Primary School!

I had two amazing days with the wonderful children and staff at Windsor Community Primary School! Thank you Miss Wynn for inviting me!

Monday, 13 April 2015


 HAPPY VIEWDAY! There have been over 50,000 views of this blog. Thank you everyone, everywhere!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brilliant Cheshire visits round off the first part of my spring tour!

A brilliant couple of days in sunny Cheshire rounded off the first part of my spring tour! Thank you everyone at Kingsley Community Primary School for making the visit such a roaring success!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Sensational Sam Marsh the Viking King in Southport!

There were some absolutely sensational Sam Marsh the Viking King stories written by the older children at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School last week. And the younger children were just as brilliant!
Thank you Mrs Ward for inviting me and to all the staff and children for making me feel so welcome!  

Monday, 9 March 2015

Superb Year Six Feedback for Jacob's War!

Just a few comments from the wonderful Year 6 pupils at St Mary's Primary School. 

Thank you very much for coming into our class and reading Jacob’s War. It was brilliant. I really enjoyed doing the radio play because it was really fun.Thank you for coming in I hope you can come again soon. I can’t wait till your new book.


Thank you for coming to Class Six, spending time with us and sharing your book Jacob War. I really enjoyed doing the radio play because it is a true story and doing sound effects was fun to do. I enjoyed it as well when you read an extract from Jacob’s War to the class because I could actually picture what was happening in the story.


Thank you for the amazing visit to our school. I told my brother about you and he said he would buy a copy of Jacob’s War. He loves reading.My favourite part of Jacob’s War is, well I don’t have a favourite part because 1) you only read an extract and 2) I liked it all.I might have a peak at my brother’s copy of Jacob’s War.


Thanks for coming in. I enjoyed your book. It was very detailed in words and I liked the fact that you asked people and put it in one book (Jacob’s War). It is incredibly important that these people don’t get forgot.I am phenomenally grateful that you have spent your time teaching us the art of radio plays and books.

Cheers and all the best.


Yesterday I really enjoyed the radio plays and learning about how you write your books and what inspires you. It’s amazing how long it actually takes to write a real book. I think your illustrator is very talented.I am actually really looking forward to reading one of your books and maybe one day I might become an author.


I think you have an amazing talent for writing. I had lots of fun doing the radio play activities that you planned for us. I got to play Gelli the Grandma in Jacob’s War in the scene where the family are having breakfast.I would like you to come again.


Your book (Jacob’s War) told me some historical information I didn’t know. Like the Arandora Star, that was my favourite part of your book. I never knew people were taken out of their houses and shipper off to the Isle of Man and families split up. I would appreciate it if you could visit our school again.


I enjoyed you coming in and was excited when you turned up.


It was lovely to make your acquaintance. I was delighted when you explained that we would be writing scripts. I enjoyed your visit and cherished every moment of it. Now I can actually tell people that I have met a real author.


I am definitely going to ask my mum if I can buy Jacob’s War because she said I don’t do enough reading. So that would be my first choice. I think you are very creative and passionate.


I really wish you can come in again because we had a staggering day.


Overall yesterday was very fun and I would love you to come to our school again and spend a full day with us because we all really enjoyed it!


It was actually like I was there. You’re a very good story teller and writer. I like how you get a real thing from the past and make it into a book. I bet Jacob is delighted and I liked it how you make children’s books that adults enjoy too. You have made me think more clearly about writing.


I had a really great time listening to you read Jacob’s War. All my team were really good at writing the play. Sophie re-wrote hers three times! I liked the expressions in your voice when you were reading to us. I wish I was that good at reading!


Thank you for the lovely day yesterday. I really enjoyed how you read your story to us. You put a lot of expression in your reading. I might buy a few books.


I really enjoyed it when you came in to see us. By what I know about you, you are one of the top ten authors in the whole wide world.


Overall I truly enjoyed your visit and I would cherish it if you came in for a second time!


In my opinion you have inspired so many people not just from our school but from all the schools you have been to. I felt you really captured the feel of WW2.


I would be delighted for you to come back in. Thanks again for coming in.


Thank you for coming into our school. I really enjoyed doing your radio plays because I quite like acting.


I would really like to read one of your books in the future and hope I will see you soon.


At the start I didn’t know who you were or what you did and I was dreading you coming but now I see how sweet and nice you are and I am delighted that you came to our school. We will really miss you.


I am hoping to be reading your books soon because that extract you read was so good. I have to read more.


Thank you. I am so grateful to you for visiting our school.


That little bit of Jacob’s War you read to us was tense and amazing.


Thank you for a brilliant day. I enjoyed it very much. My mum has insisted on buying one of your books. Reading Jacob’s War will be AMAZING!