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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Exclusive to Kindle - Noah Ramsbottom and the Great Gold Robbery

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle Noah Ramsbottom and the Great Gold Robbery

19% OFF Noah Ramsbottom for American buyers!

19% OFF both Noah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves & Noah Ramsbottom and the Treasure of Skull Island!

Friday, 27 July 2012

NEW! Noah Ramsbottom at the 2012 Olympics PART 1

NEW & EXCLUSIVE! To celebrate the brilliant 2012 London Olympics a four part Noah Ramsbottom story Noah Ramsbottom at the 2012 Olympics! Published in four parts with brand new illustrations over the course of the games!

Noah Ramsbottom at the London 2012 Olympics - Part 1.

“Heehee! Heehee!”
“What was that noise?” Mumbled Noah to himself as the huge crowd all around him chattered excitedly.
“Heehee!” There it was again.
“Did you hear that, Mum?” Asked Noah.
“What, Noah?" Replied Mum, there was lots of noise as the entire stadium enjoyed the track and field games of the London Olympics.
“That...err...chuckle," replied Noah slowly.
Mum shrugged, “chuckle? I suppose I can hear a lot of people chuckling dear, everyone’s having so much fun. Isn't this wonderful?"
“Mmm,” replied Noah, he’d heard that chuckle before but couldn’t quite remember where.
Noah Ramsbottom and his mum and dad were in London for the 2012 Olympics, and were feeling really lucky to have tickets to watch the athletics on the night of the 100 metres final. Everyone was really looking forward to seeing Usain Bolt in action. It was less than 30 minutes until the final and everyone was getting so excited!
“Heehee!” There it was again. 
“Ice creams!” Called out the squeaky voice of a seller as he wandered up and down the steps of the stadium, he was approaching where Noah was sat, “Ice creams! Does anyone be wanting ice creams!”
“Wait a minute!” Noah turned to face the seller who was very short indeed, “I know that voice!”
The man had a long white coat on that dragged along the ground and a large baseball cap much too large for his head which was falling right down over his eyes.
“Oy! Does anyone be wanting ice creams!"
“Me!" Noah stopped the seller, “I want one please."
“Pssst..." whispered the seller as he passed Noah a Cornetto, Noah noticed his hands were green, “it be I, Littleplod,” whispered the seller.
“I knew something was wrong!” Whispered Noah looking all around to see if anyone was taking any notice of them, thankfully everyone was too busy watching the games.
“Oh yes, something be very wrong Noah Ramsbum! But Littleplod not be the problem, the
O’Plods be the problem!” Replied Littleplod.
“The O’Plods?” Noah was shocked, “they’re here? Why?"
“They be here Noah Ramsbottom and they be planning mischief!" Said Littleplod before adding, "they be planning something big!"

“Hee-hee!” Giggled Cormac O’Plod, one half of the O’Plod brothers, who were Gurglespink Leprechaun’s from County Fergusbotherbetrouble, “the plan be looking fantabuslous Seamus!"
“Hee! My plan, you mean Cormac," replied Seamus. The O'Plods were always agruing.
“Hee-hee! Does it be mattering Seamus?" Snapped Cormac “have you been swapping the starter gun, Seamus?"
“Hee-hee! I be swapping it, Cormac," replied Seamus, who like his brother was wearing a tall green hat with flowers growing out of the top. But because so many people were in fancy dress they didn’t look out of place at all!
“Hee, and it be loaded with Dick Pricklehedge’s shrinking powder, Seamus?"
“Hee-hee-hee it be loaded, Cormac!"
“Hee-hee-hee-hee! Soon Usain Bolt will be becoming Usain Mini Bolt, Seamus!"

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sam Marsh in Canada!

I'm please to announce that Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships will be available in libraries and book stores all over Canada and this is where I'm planning to set book four in the series!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A writer's life - not for the fainthearted! The Yorkshire Times Article

A writer's life - not for the fainthearted! Article in The Yorkshire Times

It always amuses me that the general opinion on what writers do on a daily basis couldn't be more different to reality.

To the public, we're lounging about all day in our dressing gowns and slippers drinking copious amounts of coffee whilst dunking digestive biscuits, dictating our latest prospective best seller to our glamorous personal assistant, which is totally perfect as soon as it's spoken, only breaking off to collect generous royalty cheques from our doormats, before going out for free lunches, accompanied by bottles of Champagne, which stretch far into afternoon!

Read more of this article at The Yorkshire Times...

现已在中国 Sam Marsh and the Battle of the CloudshipsM

现已在中国 Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Excerpt from Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

 Excerpt from Chapter 25, Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships.

“Grasshopper to Wheat sheaf, come in Wheat sheaf!” This time there was a crackling sound coming over the radio.
“Wheat sheaf to Grasshopper, I can confirm that we have you on visual, prepare for the tractor beam to tow you home!”
Hellman quickly took his hands off the flight controls and sat motionless, waiting.
“Grasshopper to Wheat sheaf, it’s all yours, bring us home.”
Even before Hellman had stopped speaking the controls of the chopper had been seized by something from outside the vehicle and the helicopter was being slowly manoeuvred out of her hovering position. She was pulled higher and higher into the sky. Silently, the engines of the Russian built chopper were switched
off remotely, but instead of crashing back down to the earth the machine kept rising higher and higher out towards space itself.
Hellman sat calmly watching the altimeter work its way gradually higher and higher. 60,000 feet, 65,000, 70,000, 75,000. Had the inside of the aircraft not been pressurised the passengers would have been frozen as the temperature outside had dropped well below minus forty degrees centigrade and dropping rapidly.
Finally, as the altimeter reached precisely 80,000 feet the chopper stopped climbing and instead started edging slowly forward.
As Hellman peered out of his windscreen he could just about make out some bright lights about two miles ahead of them. Slowly, as they got closer and closer the lights got brighter until the pilot could clearly make out a flight deck.
“Please fasten seatbelts for landing,” said Hellman into his intercom, before he checked his own belt.
But he needn’t have worried, everything was under complete control. The large helicopter was dragged slowly and smoothly into the large flight deck of Cloudbase 1 and the huge external doors closed silently behind them. Grasshopper was pulled further and further into the large hangar and then she was placed gently down onto the runway.

Vive la France! Le quatorze Juillet!

(A blog I wrote a few years ago to celebrate the best day of the year in France!) 

Le quatorze Juillet or the Fourteenth of July was the date in 1789 that the storming of the Bastille occurred in Paris. The Bastille was a heavily fortified prison in Paris where political prisoners were sent by the corrupt and unpopular monarchy. Although at the time of the storming there were actually only seven prisons in the Bastille, it's something that acted as a flashpoint for the French Revolution.
But to my family, le quatorze Juillet never represented a celebration of the move of France towards democracy or to the birth of the republic but rather the chance to enjoy a fantastic party!
We moved to south west France in 2001 and lived there for seven enjoyable years, but I have to say that the highlight of the French year isn't Christmas or Easter, nor even the month long holiday that lots of people enjoy each August, but instead it's the celebrations each 14th of July.
Where we lived in France, July and August in particular could be stiflingly hot and humid, often unbearably so. Very soon after arriving in France we discovered that our bodies had sweat glands where you wouldn't imagine there would be any! Eighty degrees is hot in anyone's book, but that was just the night time temperature! One rapidly began to understand why many mediterranean peoples take siestas during the heat of the day!
July the 14th is smack, bang in the middle of the searingly hot season. So, rousing oneself to prepare a picnic on a hot afternoon, get in a car without air conditioning and go and sit in a park with hundreds of other sweaty, and I have to say, often smelly, people is not easy.
Our local celebrations were in the landscaped grounds of the beautiful Chateau de Javarzay in a small town called Chef Boutonne, in the Deux Sevres. Each 14th, long tables would be put up on the manicured lawns next to the fishing lake. A makeshift dance floor with a profusion of dangling fairy lights above would be hastily constructed for the more brave or drunk. And a huge table was decked out with barrels of red wine, fresh baguettes, and a local delicacy known as torte au fromage, a sponge cake made with soft cheese with a bizarre burnt looking crust. You either like torte au fromage or hate it. I liked it, my wife hated it! All of these victuals were provided free of charge by the local commune.
Anyone and everyone was welcome to come to the feast, French, English, Martian! For sure, no one could understand each other at the start of the evening but they'd all become remarkably fluent by the end! Lifelong friendships were made, the problems of the world righted and all of this to a background of accordian music and bizarre dancing and frolicking!
The finale of this wonderful evening was an immense and colourful firework display set to music from the far side of the lake, free of charge of course. And, as the crowds made their way quietly home, everyone realised the stifling heat had suddenly become quite bearable, quite nice even. Perhaps this was more due to an alcoholic hue than a change in the actual temperature?
So, why not have a celebration like the French on le quatorze Juillet? Most of the people in the area slumbered for the rest of the year, but for one night only, rural France comes to life. Vive la France!        

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Interview with General Speck

I recently spoke with General Speck, leader of the Skelibots, a robot of very few words, this is what he had to say:

What exactly is your current job General Speck?
I am the leader of the main Skelibot fighter squadron on Cloudbase 1. 

What future roles would you like General?
Like? I wouldn’t like anything Sir, I intend to be the head of the first intergalactic Spinner squadron, which is based on the Martian moon of Deimos. 

Can I ask you where are you currently based?
That is classified information Sir!

You can't help but notice that you have very piercing red eyes General Speck!
I am a Skelibot! We all have piercing red eyes.

What would you consider are your main skills?
I am a superb fighter pilot, perhaps the best in the cosmos, a fearsome warrior and a great leader. 

What ambitions do you have General, to control The Company perhaps?
Never! I am a loyal servant of Herr Krater and I follow his every command. 

And with that he stormed off!

Sam Marsh in Norwegian Libraries!

I'm thrilled to announce that my Sam Marsh books, that are based in The Lofoten Islands, Nordland, Norway are being stocked by Norwegian Libraries!

Jeg glad for å kunngjøre at mine Sam Marsh bøker, som er basert i Lofoten, Nordland, Norge blir fylt av norske bibliotek!

Many thanks to Kirsti Pedersen, Senior Librarian at the National Library of Norway, Oslo, for all the help and advice! 

Mange takk til Kirsti Pedersen, Senior Bibliotekar ved Nasjonalbiblioteket i Norge, Oslo, for all hjelp og råd!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

LOOK INSIDE Sam Marsh: The Viking King!

Have a LOOK INSIDE Sam Marsh: The Viking King!

夏のエキサイティングな冒険 Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships


Cartea de vară pentru copii mai mari Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

Cartea de vară pentru copii mai mari.

Furios după înfrângerea sa de către Sam Marsh şi US Navy, răul Herr Krater este hotărâtă să răzbune înfrângerea de rezervoare sparte sale de la Bătălia de la Lofoten. În acelaşi timp, el intenţionează, de asemenea pentru a aplatiza Washington, DC! Krater a construit o flota de cloudships imense cu luptatori de atac farfurie şi roşu-ochi skelibots pentru a le acoperi. Acesta este lăsat stră-nepotul, Sam Marsh, pentru a opri lupta him.A cerul începe de mai sus ale Americii, ca cloudship este ciupită împotriva cloudship în lupta cea mai mare familie de milenii. În cazul în care Sam pierde, înseamnă anihilarea totală de Est, America! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SAVE 18% on Sam Marsh: The Viking King

SAVE 18% on Sam Marsh: The Viking King at Lulu.

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sam Marsh høvdingen av Lofoten, Norge

Når 12 år gamle Sam Marsh ble høvdingen i Lofoten sitt liv forandret for alltid.

Rasende etter sitt nederlag ved Sam Marsh og den amerikanske marinen, er den onde Herr Krater bestemt på å hevne nederlaget hans edderkoppen tanker i slaget ved Lofoten. Samtidig, akter han også å flate Washington, DC!

Krater har bygget en flåte av gigantiske cloudships med tallerken angrep jagerfly og rød-eyed skelibots til å fly dem. Det overlates til hans oldebarn, Sam Marsh, for å stoppe ham.

En himmel kamp går av stabelen over Amerika, som cloudship settes opp mot cloudship i den største familien kamp årtusener. Hvis Sam taper, betyr det at total utslettelse av det østlige USA!

Sam Marsh in New Zealand!

Thank you for being so patient! Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships is finally available for all my New Zealand readers to order.

Tämän kesän mielenkiintoisimmista lukea! Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

Tämän kesän mielenkiintoisimmista lukea! Sam Marsh päällikkö sekä Lofoottien saarten.,_robert/sam_marsh_and_the_battle_of_the_cloudships%3A_the_sam_marsh_stories_-_part_2-20876942 

Dette somre mest spennende lese! Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

Dette somre mest spennende lese! Sam Marsh høvdingen i Lofoten,_robert/sam_marsh_and_the_battle_of_the_cloudships%3A_the_sam_marsh_stories_-_part_2-20876942 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Article in The Yorkshire Times - How to get your children to read - act out their stories!

How to get your children to read - act out their stories! Article in The Yorkshire Times.

Zamów nową ekscytującą przygodę teraz! Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

Zamów nową ekscytującą przygodę teraz!,9781618973481.html 

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Boys' reading skills 'must be tackled'

"The reading gap between boys and girls in England is widening but there is no official strategy to address it, a report says."

Book an author visit to inspire and encourage reluctant boy readers!

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今、日本での販売のため。Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships