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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coming soon on Amazon Kindle - Jacob’s War

Jacob's War by Robert Bullock

Blonde haired,‭ ‬blue eyed Jacob Becker is twelve years old,‭ ‬though he looks older.‭ ‬One minute he is the all American school boy,‭ ‬good at sport,‭ ‬academically gifted,‭ ‬handsome,‭ ‬living the perfect life with his family in Concord,‭ ‬Massachusetts,‭ ‬the next he‭’‬s a‭ ‬‘convict‭’‬ who‭’‬s thrown into a prison cell for just one reason,‭ ‬his family are German.

Set in England in 1940, Jacob‭’‬s War is an heroic adventure and heart-warming story of friendship,‭ ‬bravery and family loyalty.‭ ‬At times it‭’‬s funny and cheeky,‭ ‬at others poignantly sad.‭ ‬

Available soon on Amazon Kindle

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A big thanks to Eveline Day School!

A big thank you to Eveline Drut for inviting me to the Eveline Day School in Tooting Bec last week!
What a great day! The children produced some amazing work! I was especially impressed with the Year 3 children who wrote their very own Sam Marsh: The Viking King stories!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

National Poetry Day - The Loch Ness Lizard

The Loch Ness Lizard! By Robert Bullock

The Loch Ness Lizard is a curious sight.
Seeing her will give you quite an awful fright.
But only if you see her rising from the gloom last thing at night!

With a back lumpy bumpy with reptilian ridges
She can easily fit under hump backed bridges.
And also maybe with the salad into wart faced giant’s fridges!

On her back her passengers comfortably sit
Their heads often ducking right down so as not to hit
Or scoop off their hair and the top most bit!

She’s yellow, red, green and pink.
And she often sails so very close to the Earth’s brink.
That the worried amongst you may fear she’ll very soon sink!

When the weather makes the water uncomfortably choppy.
Her legs bend and flex and she becomes ever so hoppy.
Small wings they appear that no one could copy!

Flapping madly she soars into the blue sky.
And never have the poor passengers been so blooming high.
That in fact one or two actually think they might well die!   

If you think that her services might just be for you.
I must finally give you one teeny weeny clue. 
She only flies on a month with days numbering thirty two!

© Robert Bullock 2011