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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sam Marsh: The Battle of the Cloudships pre-release

Friday, 25 November 2011

Coming Soon, Noah Ramsbottom & the Mystery of Mona Lisa's Smile!

Noah Ramsbottom & the Mystery of Mona Lisa's Smile! By Robert Bullock 

“Croak, croak! Icy lollies!" Called a strange throaty voice as he entered the large artists studio, “anyonea wanta an icy lolly?”
“Yes, please," replied the large man with the beard, who was painting, “thank you."
“Ribbit! Whadabouta you missus?" The strange pixie asked the woman who was having her picture painted.
“Oh, yes please," smiled the woman sweetly. She had a lovely smile.   
“Croak, croak! Wanna heara joke missus?" Asked the pixie as he passed the woman a lolly, “croak!”
“Yes, OK," replied the woman, desperate for the smelly, green creature to leave.
The pixie stood on his webbed tiptoes and whispered the joke in the woman’s ear.
“Hahahaha!” The woman roared with laughter and just at that moment her teeth, which must have been false ones, shot out! As quick as a flash another frog pixie appeared and caught the teeth and then both of them scurried from the room!
“ teeth, my teeth!” Called the woman, “they’ve stolen my teeth!”

Friday, 18 November 2011 UPDATE!

Take a look at the new home page for my website
I'm so indebted to my cousin and friend Dean Haines who is the best website designer on the planet! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sam Marsh and the Lunar War - Excerpt

Saturday June 13th 1943, 3.47 GMT, Lunar Mine S4D, The Daedalus Crater, the Far side of the Moon. 

Boom! Boom!Boom!Boom!
Mining the moon was going exceptionally well, the lunar rock was proving easy to hew and it was full of valuable precious minerals like diamonds, bauxite and nickel.
“Do you know? This small insignificant satellite will win us the war Jahnke!" said Herr Krater, surveying the sub lunar activity with great pride, “They don’t have a clue how we are able to meet the challenges of almost the entire world because they don’t know our secret. They don’t even know that we’re even up here on the moon. Pathetic idiots!”
“This is so true,” replied Herr Krater’s trusty sidekick.
“Argh!” screamed a miner from the rock face far below, “Argh!" he screamed again.
Jahnke’s radio crackled to life, “Professor Jahnke Schmidt is dead." The voice was panicky and scared, “Something killed him!"
“Repeat what you just said man!" shouted the professor into his radio.
“Something killed Schmidt! Oh no, no, no, argh!!!!!!”
“What the? Hello! Hello! Operative come in!" called Jahnke who turned to Krater, “It’s happening again Sir!”
“Nonsense!” replied Krater, “It’s probably just another lunar accident that’s all!”
“But you heard the man!”
“I heard nothing of the sort!”
“Herr Sturmbannfuhrer! I suggest we evacuate this site immediately until it can be made safe and the dragons contained!” pleaded Jahnke to his commander.
“Request denied," replied Krater coldly, waiving his hand dismissively and walking back to his Earth bound shuttle, “seal this mine up, gather the operation up and move to another site elsewhere on the dark side of the moon. We have no time to waste! There’s a war to be won man.”