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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Peg Leg Julian - my favourite character

The Prophesy of Blood

The Prophecy of Blood is a book that I am just finishing. Set in 21st century York, England young Eve Blake finds a time door on Eboracum Alley that takes her back in time to Roman York, also known as Eboracum, in the 2nd century!
But Eve did not find the door by chance. Someone put it there and wanted her to discover it...
Dark and magical this book moves backwards and forwards between the past and the present and is a fantastic adventure for Key Stage 2/3 and middle grade readers.
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Feedback from children

I visit lots of school all over the country with my inspirational literacy and drama workshops and the work the children produce is often amazing. This is an idea for a Noah story from some children in Oldham:

Noah opened door number 40 and he saw a witch flying on a broomstick.  
She said to Noah, “Who are you?”  
Noah said, “I’m Noah Ramsbottom. Have you seen my Grandad Fred?”
“NO!” said the witch and she raised her sparkly black wand and turned Noah into a frog!
Noah hopped away.  He saw a deep pond and he saw his Grandad – he had been turned into a gnome!
Suddenly the magic wore off.  Then they went back through the same door and they were home!  Mum had a delicious plate of pancakes and Grandad Fred and Noah ate supper.


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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sam Marsh: The Viking King on Amazon Kindle

Sam Marsh The Viking King is a thrilling, high tech, adventure story. It's one boys story of self discovery. It moves at break neck speed from a horrible housing estate in England to the Royal Villa in Svolvaer, Norway. The story spans seventy years and three generations. Sam is an eleven year old inventor, a genius, he's even been developing a flying, rocket chair in his garden shed! But he doesn't know that this invention will be vital to the future of the world! Sam and his friends are thrown against the evil plans of the Company. They have to stop them destroying the Rost Reef to get ancient plans back. Plans that will change the future of humanity. But The Company have fantastic machines, X boats crewed by androids, Robo Divers, Spider Tanks and the immense Underwaterworld. Sam needs all the might of the US Navy to help him save the Earth.

Sam Marsh: The Battle of the Cloudships

This is a new blog and I hope to keep you updated about my books, events, appearances and new ideas. 

The second of the Sam Marsh stories is about to be published by SBG and will soon be in pre-sales. Keep watching  for information! 

Furious after his defeat by Sam Marsh, his rocket powered sofas and the US Navy the evil Herr Krater is determined to avenge the defeat of his spider tanks at the Battle of Lofoten and intends to flatten Washington DC!

Krater has built a fleet of immense cloudships with saucer attack fighters and red eyed skelibots to fly them. But his great grandson, Sam, has to stop him.  
A sky battle kicks off above America as cloudship is pitched against cloudship in the biggest family struggle of the millenia! If Sam loses it means the total annihilation of the eastern United States!