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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coming soon on Amazon Kindle - Jacob’s War

Jacob's War by Robert Bullock

Blonde haired,‭ ‬blue eyed Jacob Becker is twelve years old,‭ ‬though he looks older.‭ ‬One minute he is the all American school boy,‭ ‬good at sport,‭ ‬academically gifted,‭ ‬handsome,‭ ‬living the perfect life with his family in Concord,‭ ‬Massachusetts,‭ ‬the next he‭’‬s a‭ ‬‘convict‭’‬ who‭’‬s thrown into a prison cell for just one reason,‭ ‬his family are German.

Set in England in 1940, Jacob‭’‬s War is an heroic adventure and heart-warming story of friendship,‭ ‬bravery and family loyalty.‭ ‬At times it‭’‬s funny and cheeky,‭ ‬at others poignantly sad.‭ ‬

Available soon on Amazon Kindle

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