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Friday, 25 November 2011

Coming Soon, Noah Ramsbottom & the Mystery of Mona Lisa's Smile!

Noah Ramsbottom & the Mystery of Mona Lisa's Smile! By Robert Bullock 

“Croak, croak! Icy lollies!" Called a strange throaty voice as he entered the large artists studio, “anyonea wanta an icy lolly?”
“Yes, please," replied the large man with the beard, who was painting, “thank you."
“Ribbit! Whadabouta you missus?" The strange pixie asked the woman who was having her picture painted.
“Oh, yes please," smiled the woman sweetly. She had a lovely smile.   
“Croak, croak! Wanna heara joke missus?" Asked the pixie as he passed the woman a lolly, “croak!”
“Yes, OK," replied the woman, desperate for the smelly, green creature to leave.
The pixie stood on his webbed tiptoes and whispered the joke in the woman’s ear.
“Hahahaha!” The woman roared with laughter and just at that moment her teeth, which must have been false ones, shot out! As quick as a flash another frog pixie appeared and caught the teeth and then both of them scurried from the room!
“ teeth, my teeth!” Called the woman, “they’ve stolen my teeth!”

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