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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sam Marsh: The Battle of the Cloudships Chapter 39 Skelibot broadcast to the world.

Chapter 39 Skelibot broadcast to the world.

We are interrupting your normal programmes to bring you a special broadcast,” declared the BBC programme announcer across every single BBC television and radio channel that was broadcast to the world.
The exact same message was being given on every single television and radio across the entire planet.
There was a minute’s pause as the Earth held its breath in anticipation. Then a terrifying shiny metal skeleton skull appeared on screen, bright red eyes staring at the camera. Just below the head, on a metal neck, a perfectly tied bow tie and wing collar shirt were visible along with the top of an expensive looking tuxedo.
The Skelibot cleared his throat and prepared to speak.
“Eee! Humans of the Earth, this morning our vastly superior technology disabled your International Space Centre,” he paused, “Eee! As I speak we are in the process of disabling your entire satellite communication system, except of course television broadcasts. We have already seized a number of aircraft, and we
have grounded all flights due to take off from all airports around your planet.”
The Skelibot paused to allow the world to digest what he was saying. The emotionless, piercing red eyes never once blinked.
“Eee! This afternoon on Oxford Street, London, we gave an impressive demonstration of our military prowess, destroying a number of your most advanced war planes. This is a warning,” the Skelibot winked, “we will give just this one warning to the governments of your Earth. From now on no military airplanes
should attempt to fly. None whatsoever! If you attempt to fly or worse, take aggressive action against us we will destroy one of your major cities. For your information the first city to be destroyed will be New York. The second will be Moscow, the third London, the fourth will be Beijing and so on.”

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