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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fantastic feedback for my school visits from children

Dear Rob
Thankyou for coming into our school in your spare time. We really enjoyed the stories that you read us and the voices that you made. We got lots of ideas from your Noah Ramsbottom stories. This is how my story went (Breafly)
'Noah and Tiggle Plod went through door number 109 that led them into a world of candyfloss. Tiggleplod could not stop daydreaming at the candy. Noah and Tiggleplod went to a restront of candyfloss with angle hair tables and chairs.'
Love Harriet xxx

Dear Rob
I enjoyed you coming down to our primary school. You might not know me I am Libby the girl who wrote about the wild west. I liked it when you read a story to us.
From Libby.

Dear Rob
Thank you for visiting us. We really enjoyed you coming to see us. We really liked the Noah Ramsbottom book that you read to us. The funny voices made it really exciting. Thank you for making the time to come over. We would like to see you again soon.
From Emily and Grace.
P.S We finished our story’s, mine was about chocolate and sweets.

Dear Rob
Thank you for coming to visit our school. We really enjoyed listening to your story. We have even tried writing our own Noah Ramsbottom story. We liked how you used different voices in different ways that made us laugh.
From Robert.

Dear Rob
Thank you for visiting us and reading your wonderful story that you have wrote yourself. They are really good and I like the way you changed your voices for the characters. My favourite part of the story was when Noah and Tiggleplod went into the cave.

Dear Rob
Thank you for coming in, everyone enjoyed it. I liked it when you read out the funny voices. When you made us write a story I was very exsited because I love writing stories. You made me want to be an author when I grow up (maybe).
From Sophie

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