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Friday, 28 September 2012

The Yorkshire Times Noah Ramsbottom story!

As I am a Yorkshire children’s author and not only do I enjoy reading The Yorkshire Times every day I write articles for it too! Here's a special Noah Ramsbottom story for children to celebrate the YT's first birthday - try reading it to your children tonight when the party is finished and then ask the children to draw pictures and send them to The Yorkshire Times, they might even get published!

"This be magicmazing!” gasped Mr Littleplod the Cave Guard.
“What is?” Asked Noah Ramsbottom, the famous Yorkshire explorer and adventurer, as he sat with his friend having tea and cakes in the entrance to the magic cave, the Cave of Victoria.
“Heehee! We be having an invitation to a birthday party, Noah Ramsbum," replied the cheeky elf. 
“A birthday party? Wow!” replied Noah taking a bite out of a large piece of the Yorkshire curd tart that he’d bought that morning on the market.
Littleplod was catching up with local events by reading The Yorkshire Times on his elf pad, he read it every day to catch up with everything that was going on in Yorkshire and the rest of the world. And when he didn’t have his elf pad with him, Littleplod got updates sent to him on his shell phone too!
Noah dropped his tart and stared wide eyed. Something big was approaching the magic cave. But this was unusual, normally Noah had adventures when he went through the magic doors that were set deep in the cavern, not as he was sat at the entrance overlooking the lush, green hills, stony crags and fields of the Yorkshire Dales!
THUD! THUD! THUD! Whatever it was it was getting closer.
“Littleplod!" Whispered Noah.
“Mmm...” the elf was reading an article in The Yorkshire Times and was totally engrossed.
“Littleplod!" Said Noah a bit louder.
“Mmm..." He was reading an article on how well Yorkshire had done at the London 2012 Olympics by his favourite author, Robert Bullock, “Yorkshire be a very sporting place," he muttered.
“Oy! Forget about Yorkshire being a sporting place!” snapped Noah, “something big’s headed our way!"
“What be the matter, Noah Ramsbum?" Littleplod eventually looked up.
Noah was panic stricken as the thudding stopped and a large head on the end of the longest neck he’d seen since he visited the Dinosaur world appeared right in front of him.
“That be a Diplodocus," declared Littleplod rather too calmly.
“I KNOW!" Replied Noah not daring to move.
“Littleplod be knowing his monsters," replied the elf proudly.
“I KNOW!” Noah didn’t want to move even his little finger.
“This be Cedric,” replied the Cave Guard.
“CEDRIC?" Noah stared at his friend, “” He stuttered.
“Of course I be knowing him, Noah Ramsbum!"
“How do you know him?"
“He be coming here every day for his Yorkshire Rhubarb of course!” Littleplod could barely drag himself away from the Yorkshire Times.
Cedric stood there, a neck longer than two London buses was attached to an immense body which was, in turn, attached to a tail as long as the neck. He was almost as long as the entire crag that the magic cave was situated in.
“Heehee! Of course, we be having our own Iscoseles rhubarb triangle behind door number 180, very dark, damp and mathematically correct!” Littleplod grinned, being a very clever elf for once.
“Oh shut up and just GIVE IT TO HIM, PLEASE!” Snapped Noah, “I’m feeling a bit scared!”
“Heehee, scaredy cat!”
“It be in that bag at your feet, Noah Ramsbum," replied the elf calmly.
And when Noah looked down there was indeed a huge bag full of tasty rhubarb. He bent down, took it out of the bag and held it out for the dinosaur. After sniffing it cautiously, Cedric delicately took the succulent stems and then plodded off along the fields.
As the thuds got quieter and quieter Noah sat down, barely believing what his own eyes had just seen.
“Cedric be reading the Yorkshire Times too...” mumbled Littleplod taking a sip of tea.
“What?" replied Noah, “how?”
“Hee-hee be reading it on his e-Bygumpad of course!"

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