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Thursday, 22 November 2012

School visits for Early Years through Year 6!

School visits for Early Years through Year 6! (P1 to P7 in Scotland)

People often ask what work do I do with the different age groups in schools so here's a sample of what is possible!

I like to read from Noah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves and discuss Noah’s adventures in the Dinosaur world! It’s interactive and I love to get the children to roar and pretend to be dinosaurs. I like to get them to draw scenes from the book.
Year 1. This depends if the Year 1’s are good writers or not. I depending on this I would read from Noah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves and either set a short art and design task (drawing and labelling a map of Noah’s journey) or a short writing task.
Year 2. I often do a writing workshop with the children, reading from ‘Cave Elves’ and getting the children to start to write their own Noah adventure. I like to get Year 2’s to share their stories with the group and I will do a short Q&A with them! Year 2’s normally have a lot of questions! 
Year 3 and 4. I will work from Noah Ramsbottom and the Treasure of Skull Island. This is a book with a lot more dialogue. I set a creative writing task for the children, we share the children’s work and finish with a Q&A.
Year 5 & 6. I like to work with both of my Sam Marsh books for older children, reading passages from both books and setting a creative writing task. With these books I like to get the children into small groups to write scripts for their own Sam Marsh plays! Children plan, write, rehearse and perform the plays. And as they are writing radio plays we’re concentrating on dialogue! It’s a lot of fun and it’s good to get everyone involved. I would finish with a Q & A. 
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