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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sam Marsh: The Viking King on Amazon Kindle

Sam Marsh The Viking King is a thrilling, high tech, adventure story. It's one boys story of self discovery. It moves at break neck speed from a horrible housing estate in England to the Royal Villa in Svolvaer, Norway. The story spans seventy years and three generations. Sam is an eleven year old inventor, a genius, he's even been developing a flying, rocket chair in his garden shed! But he doesn't know that this invention will be vital to the future of the world! Sam and his friends are thrown against the evil plans of the Company. They have to stop them destroying the Rost Reef to get ancient plans back. Plans that will change the future of humanity. But The Company have fantastic machines, X boats crewed by androids, Robo Divers, Spider Tanks and the immense Underwaterworld. Sam needs all the might of the US Navy to help him save the Earth.

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