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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Feedback from children

I visit lots of school all over the country with my inspirational literacy and drama workshops and the work the children produce is often amazing. This is an idea for a Noah story from some children in Oldham:

Noah opened door number 40 and he saw a witch flying on a broomstick.  
She said to Noah, “Who are you?”  
Noah said, “I’m Noah Ramsbottom. Have you seen my Grandad Fred?”
“NO!” said the witch and she raised her sparkly black wand and turned Noah into a frog!
Noah hopped away.  He saw a deep pond and he saw his Grandad – he had been turned into a gnome!
Suddenly the magic wore off.  Then they went back through the same door and they were home!  Mum had a delicious plate of pancakes and Grandad Fred and Noah ate supper.


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