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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The inferno of the Hellion. From 'Prophesy of Blood'

The inferno of the Hellion
“Nearly there!” Eve hauled the body of her friend further and further, “help me Siggi!” She screamed over the noise.
Flames devoured what little oxygen was left making twelve year old Eve Blake grasp for breath. Blackness surrounded the small group of mismatched characters as a flood tide of fear enveloped them.
“I can’t do it!" Argued Siggi, “I’m just a girl! He’s too heavy!”
“You’re an adult Siggi,” snapped Eve impatiently, “a full grown woman, oh just get out of my way!” Eve continued to heave her friend along the ground, “!" Gasped Eve, “there!”
Eve desperately needed rest but the island in the sea of fire was getting smaller and smaller as the level of the molten liquid rose ever upwards pushing her, Siggi, Vibius and Casiopia further towards the highest point. Casiopia’s wings had been singed so badly that she could no longer fly, Siggi was useless and Eve’s strength was being sapped by constantly having to pull her unconscious soldier friend to safety.
“Eve!" Yelled Casiopia pointing, “look!"
The intrepid reporter Siggi had a small camcorder in her hands and she was busy filming everything.
“Don’t you ever put that thing down?" Barked a furious Eve.
“I’m a reporter Eve!" Argued Siggi Clements, “I record things, then I tell the world!”
“Well soon there might not be a world left to tell!” Said Eve.
“Eve,” Casopia was still pointing, “look!"
Vibius groaned in agony as Eve pulled him towards Casiopia and stood between her friends and the lapping tide of heat.
“What on..." Eve whispered as she looked out over the sea of magma and saw the waves slowly parting. Quickly she held her wand aloft and tried desperately to remember the spells Princess Arachne had taught her earlier. Eve had only ever used magic for stupid things like lifting stones and making doors invisible now she was expected to use it to fight to save lives, maybe a lot of lives.
Now what was it? Eve thought impatiently, racking her brain what was that stupid spell ? But Eve’s mind had gone blank and everything she had learned seemed to have just disappeared into the dark night like everyone she loved.
As Eve Blake searched her memory for the magical words a huge monstrous head the size of a house started to slowly rise up from the liquid metal. Dramatically, first the tips of it’s ears emerged before starting demonic eye. The head had pointed ears, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and red eyes that were staring straight at Eve.
“No!” Gasped Eve banging her wand against her leg in frustration.
“It’s no good Eve," sighed Casiopia, “your magic is child's magic, you’re not powerful enough! It’s all over now! You can’t resist it, no one can! The Flaming Hellion is the harbinger of evil.”
The birth of the Flaming Hellion marked the fulfilment of the Prophesy of destruction, for trapped behind the teeth in the cavernous demons mouth was Daniel Blake, Eve’s brother and soon the beast would have Eve too. Then it would be too late!

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