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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wonderful Whithorn children's work!

Some of the work done by children in Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland on a recent author visit.

Noah Ramsbottom and Tiggleplod pushed open door number six and saw a planet with buildings made on stilts and then they suddenly stopped!

Noah Ramsbottom steps into a door and is in the WAR! With Itler!

Noah Ramsbottom and Coolplod pushed open door number 3002 and saw thousands and thousands of horses, there were all different horses like showjumpers, showing horses, racehorses and sprinters. Noah and Coolplod rode every single horse and they named their favourite horse Sammy. They thought it was the best horse they had ever seen so they decided to steal it. So they took it out of the door and it disappeared. Noah was very sad and so was Coolplod, they started to cry.
By Kacy P7.

Noah Ramsbottom and Lilyplod opened door number 2040 and it was covered with spiders and bugs and Lilyplod and Noah were scared as every step they moved they stood on bugs! And they got so scared that they lit a candle and went to door 5400 and it took them to cupcake land and there were lots of cupcakes so they ate them. Some were chocolate and some strawberry!
By Leah

Noah Ramsbottom and Honeyplod pushed open door number 14 and saw a maze. they followed all the paths and got to the middle and saw a rainbow. And then they followed the rainbow and at the end they found a pot of gold.
By Victoria aged 7.

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