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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Gurglespink Leprechaun’s from County Fergusbotherbetrouble

“This be a newsflash!” Said the elf  newsreader seriously, “the Elf Broadcasting Company be hearing rumours that the naughty O’Plod brothers be preparing a takeover bid for Cave of Victoria, the Magic Cave! Elves are asked to be keeping their eyes and ears open and not, repeat NOT, to leave their posts!”
The O’Plod brothers were Gurglespink Leprechaun’s from County Fergusbotherbetrouble, they were small, mean, silly and green. They had big eyes made even bigger by thick magnifying spectacles and they always said ‘Bejimminy’! They hated cave elves with every fibre of their being but quite liked the idea that the magic cave had magic doors that could take them anywhere their hearts desired. And, because they were so greedy, if they took over the magic cave they were going straight to Fort Sox, the elf bank, to steal some gold! 

Two pairs of huge, beady green eyes peeked over a rock at the front of the Magic Cave and then quickly disappeared. They waited for ten seconds and peeked again. They kept peeking and disappearing, peeking and disappearing.  Something untoward was afoot! 
The scene at the entrance to the cave was quite normal, the elves were busy coming and going but nobody was sat on the Cave Guard’s mushroom stool and nobody was playing with the fairy chess set by the entrance. A radio could be heard talking away to itself but there was no one listening to it. 
Suddenly a strong wind started gusting towards the cave, the noise of the howling was so loud that it masked the silly giggles and cackles of the creatures that were causing the wind to blow so hard.

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