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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Herr Krater's revenge

Herr Krater‭’‬s revenge.

‭“Look!” called Sam’s Gran Freyer Becken, pointing out to sea. She had a terrified look in her eyes.
‭“Oh no! There are more of them coming!” yelled Sam's friend, Jenny James. Staring out from the burning embers of the Royal Villa in Svolvaer.
“The battle‭’‬s not over yet men‭!" ‬Admiral Stig Berg‭ ‬called out‭ ‬to his MJK soldiers and everyone else at the smouldering bomb site which had just been subjected to a brutal attack by the laser firing spider tanks of Herr‭ ‬Krater.‭ “‬Everyone take cover again‭! ‬Back down into the bunkers‭!”
Everyone stared in horror as the sea started bubbling and boiling once again.‭ ‬But no one could have ever imagined what was coming next.‭ ‬One by one flat metal discs plopped to the surface of the sea.‭ ‬There were ten discs,‭ ‬each five metres across.‭
After a few seconds of total inactivity the discs started flashing fiery red and yellow light from their edges and then they started to spin.‭ ‬They started turning slowly but soon were turning quicker than‭ ‬helicopter propellers.‭ “‬No‭!”‬ shouted Sam,‭ ‬rushing up to the front line,‭ “‬it can‭’‬t be‭!”
“What are they Sam‭?”‬ asked Stig,‭ ‬watching in disbelief.‭ ‬After figuring out how to destroy the Spider Tanks,‭ ‬Admiral Stig Berg had learnt to trust Sam Marsh‭’‬s judgement one hundred per cent.‭
“Spinners‭!”‬ replied Sam,‭ “‬They‭’‬re here to finish us off‭!”
Everyone stood in silent terror as the Spinners turned faster and faster on the surface of the ocean.‭ ‬They were creating huge,‭ ‬violent waves.‭ ‬In a blinding flash of light they were airborne and moving slowly and purposefully towards the villa.‭
“What can we do Sam‭?”‬ Even Admiral Stig was at a loss as to what to do.‭
Sam was about to speak when there was a gentle tapping on his shoulder.‭ ‬As he turned,‭ ‬all he saw was a long thin metal body and he had to crane his neck to see the head which was over a metre and a half above his head‭!
“Zebedee‭!" ‬uttered a stunned Sam,‭ “‬How‭ ‬did‭ ‬you get out of my workshop,‭ ‬and‭…‬” Sam stared behind the Robo diver,‭ “‬…where did‭ ‬they all come from‭?”‬
Behind Zebedee were at least a hundred other tall,‭ ‬skinny android robodivers,‭ ‬all standing firmly to attention and demanding what they should do next from their commanding officer,‭ ‬Sam Marsh‭!
“You built them Sir,‭”‬ replied Zebedee,‭ “‬don‭’‬t you recall‭? ‬And now we are here to obey your orders.‭”
“Orders‭?”‬ Sam was stunned,‭ ‬he didn‭’‬t remember building a hundred robodivers‭! ‬This felt like a dream,‭ ‬so he pinched himself hard.
‭“Ow!” He yelped.
‭“Sam!” Admiral Stig Berg’s voice snapped Sam out of his daze.
“Sam,‭ ‬look‭!”‬ Stig was pointing.‭
The Spinners‭ ‬had almost reached land now and it was obvious what they would do next,‭ ‬pretty much destroy everyone and everything.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬except‭ ‬for‭ ‬the canister that contained Herr Krater‭’‬s precious plans,‭ ‬plans that he‭’‬d sent his Spider Tanks to recover in the first place.‭
Thinking quickly Sam rushed and grabbed the steel canister that was lying on the wet grass and held it aloft.‭ ‬He cleared his throat and began to shout up at the Spinners.‭ ‬He knew this was risky but his choices were severely limited‭!
“Don‭’‬t come any closer Grandfather or I will destroy the plans‭!"
The‭ ‬Spinners seemed to ignore Sam and just kept coming.
‭“I am not joking!” Sam tried to sound as brave as he could but inside he was terrified. If his plan went wrong everyone around him would die.
“Last warning Grandfather‭!"
Suddenly the Spinners stopped moving forward and just hovered fifty metres above the ground.‭
“Ha‭! ‬I knew you were listening‭!”‬ shouted Sam bravely.
‭“Sam! No!” called Freyer, “He’s pure evil! You can’t bargain with a man like him! He’ll kill you!”
“Sam Marsh‭!”‬ boomed a voice from the Spinners.
‭“Grandfather!" replied Sam.
‭“You can’t bargain with me Sam Marsh!"
“I‭’‬m warning you‭! ‬I‭’‬ll destroy the plans‭!”‬
“Ha‭! ‬Ha‭! ‬Ha‭! ‬You can‭’‬t‭ ‬even open the canister child‭!" ‬snorted Krater.
‭“Don’t bet on it!"
“Terminate them‭!”‬ Krater‭ ‬ordered‭ ‬abruptly and once again the spinners started moving forward again,‭ ‬this time they started charging their primary weapons in readiness for the annihilation that was to follow.‭
Before he could do anything there was another tap on Sam‭’‬s shoulder.‭ ‬Sam turned to find Zebedee and his battalion at action stations and they were now all heavily armed with huge laser canons.‭
“My men are ready Sir‭!”‬ reported Zebedee‭ “‬May I suggest all humans take cover immediately‭!”
“Everyone take cover‭!”‬ shouted Sam.
‭“Take cover everyone!” repeated Stig.


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