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Friday, 30 September 2011

Read & Answer booklets for my books

For each of my books I write a Read & Answer teachers aid. When I visit a school I give these to teachers. I'm told they each provide up to six weeks of lesson plans and cover Art and Design, Drama, History, Geography and Citizenship in addition to Literacy. Below is a sample of the Read & Answer for Sam Marsh: The Viking King.

Part 2 Sam’s Discovery, a new life, a family and enemies he never knew  
he had. (Read pages 20 to 50)
What sort of a home is 22 Grimwith Crescent? (A foster home, is it happy, peaceful, chaotic, secure?)
How do Sam, Jenny and Spike feel about living there? (Happy, unhappy, angry?)
What do the children think of Jessie Brooks? (Is she a good foster mum or not? If not, why not?)
Page 20 to 23 offers descriptions of some of the characters, discuss with the children what they think they might look like from the descriptions.
A news flash comes on the TV. Discuss who’s interested in listening to it?   
Page 26. Ask the children to discuss how they would feel diving in a mini sub. What could they look for?
What must the SS Helmsfjord look like after sitting on the sea bed for sixty years?
How did Sam and Jenny feel when they heard someone knocking on their front door at 5.07 am.
See Page 34. There is an old van sat across the street from 22 Grimwith Crescent, what is it they doing?
Where does Sam think the Lofoten Island’s are? (Near the North Pole.)
What do the Norwegians call their provincial kings and queens? (Chieftains)
Discuss with the children how Sam must have felt discovering who his birth parents were and then finding out they were dead?
Page 41 How did Herr Krater feel when he discovered the Chieftains of Lofoten had a son? (Surprised), Why? (He likes to control everything, it may interfere with his plans.)
Who Is the first person to figure out how Sam’s mum and dad were killed? (Jenny) And what does she think? (That they were murdered)    
Who is Freyer Becken? (Sam’s great grandmother or Oldemor) How did she discover she had a great grandson? (Newsflash)


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