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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Interview with General Speck

I recently spoke with General Speck, leader of the Skelibots, a robot of very few words, this is what he had to say:

What exactly is your current job General Speck?
I am the leader of the main Skelibot fighter squadron on Cloudbase 1. 

What future roles would you like General?
Like? I wouldn’t like anything Sir, I intend to be the head of the first intergalactic Spinner squadron, which is based on the Martian moon of Deimos. 

Can I ask you where are you currently based?
That is classified information Sir!

You can't help but notice that you have very piercing red eyes General Speck!
I am a Skelibot! We all have piercing red eyes.

What would you consider are your main skills?
I am a superb fighter pilot, perhaps the best in the cosmos, a fearsome warrior and a great leader. 

What ambitions do you have General, to control The Company perhaps?
Never! I am a loyal servant of Herr Krater and I follow his every command. 

And with that he stormed off!

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